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Your ankle pain can be a thing of the past with our treatment options.

There are a number of ailments that can cause ankle pain. If you are finding it difficult to get around the Newmarket, Ontario area because of pain and mobility issues, reach out to us at York Foot Orthotics and Bracing to have your ailment assessed and a treatment plan developed. You shouldn’t suffer through pain when we have options available for handling the various causes of ankle pain.

Ankle Pain in Newmarket, Ontario

Some of the most common causes for ankle pain are stress fractures, a sprained ankle, rheumatoid arthritis, plantar fasciitis, bursitis, achilles tendinitis, osteoarthritis, and gout. Instead of depending on pain medications to manage your ankle pain, call us for treatment options that can get you on the road to healing.

We offer a variety of treatment options for ankle pain, including ankle braces, custom-made foot orthotics, sports braces, aircasts, and more. Dean is a Canadian Certified pedorthist and registered technical orthotist with nearly two decades of experience. Our clinic is truly unique, as we create custom-fabricated solutions for our patients right in our lab. Off-the-shelf solutions are often ineffective and can make your ankle pain worsen if the fit isn’t right, so going with custom options is the best course of action.

If you are experiencing ankle pain and would like to regain the mobility you used to have, reach out to us to schedule an appointment. Nobody should have to endure pain or worry that they are making matters worse by not resolving the cause of their pain. Call us today, and your pain can be a thing of the past.

At York Foot Orthotics and Bracing, we treat ankle pain for patients from Collingwood, Newmarket, Richmond Hill, King City, Wasaga Beach, Thornbury, Stayner, and Barrie, Ontario.