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There are many root causes of lower limb conditions. The first to consider is trauma to the limb as a result of a past injury from sports or an accident or even the repetitive motion that creates a problem over time. Another lower limb condition may have occurred from an infection in the leg, hip, or knee which ultimately would cause inflammation in the joints. Osteo arthritis of the hip and knee can be quite common and rheumatoid arthritis can exist in major joints  like the hands and feet. Both osteo and rheumatoid arthritis can be very painful and often lifestyle altering. And there can be other issues that create lower limb conditions such as plantar fasciitis and hallux valgus.

Lower limb conditions can be debilitating and life changing. However, there is relief available for the pain. Dean Woodcock at York Foot Orthotics and Bracing can create custom fit foot braces in Aurora to best suit your lifestyle and address your level of pain. Custom bracing in Aurora can make all the difference for people suffering from lower limb conditions as a result of injuries, infections, or painful osteo and rheumatoid arthritis.

There is no need to suffer when the quality of your life can be significantly improved with a custom foot brace in Aurora. Custom bracing in Aurora can be life changing when properly assessed and fitted by a professional.