Orthotics Make a Difference

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There are many benefits to orthotics, and often orthotics are the best option. Orthotics help to reduce pain, provide comfort and support, correct both pronation and supination, and allow athletes greater performance. In order to find the right orthotic in Aurora and other areas, it is important to know that once the right fit is made, an orthotic can help to reduce pain, prevent foot deformity, and overall improve the function of your whole body.

Many people walk around in Aurora and the like with undue pain that can easily be helped by a custom orthotic. If you walk or stand with your feet, legs, hips, and spine out of alignment, you almost assuredly run the risk of back pain. The use of a foot orthotic can help to realign the rear of the foot.

It takes approximately 3 weeks to get used to wearing an orthotic full time, as you essentially have to retrain your foot and body how to properly walk once again. Initially, there can be some soreness or pain in the feet, ankles, hips, or knees, but with perseverence the orthotic can provide comfort with long-lasting results.