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It is so important to look after our feet. We need our feet to be healthy, so that we can enjoy a more comfortable, healthier quality of life. It is particularly important to have healthy feet for those suffering from diabetes. There are so many ways for people to help themselves. Here is a list of things to consider:

  • Avoid shoes that have seams and overlapping of material in the toe box as seams can lead to rubbing and chaffing to the foot causing irritation to the foot
  • Try to buy leather shoes that are seamless in the toe box, and if possible leather lined as well
  • Leather shoes can also be stretched in certain areas if needed for more room
  • Since the diabetic foot can lack sensation and feel, balance can be a problem, so look for shoes that have a wide base of support. A rocker type of sole which is similar to a running shoe can take pressure away from the fore foot / toes when walking
  • Laces are a great choice for closure to prevent movement of the foot in the shoe
  • Velcro is another option for securing the shoe to the foot, and is helpful if the person has trouble with laces as it is easier on the hands to adjust
  • Avoid slip on shoes, as there is too much back and forth movement in the shoe resulting in irritation to the foot
  • Removable insoles are important, as they can be removed to allow room for a foot orthotic if needed.

Custom casted foot orthotics are a great tool to help off load high pressure points of the foot. The right designed foot orthotic is an important part of treatment for the diabetic foot.

It’s wise to keep all these things in mind, so those peaceful strolls along the beach in Wasaga Beach or along the waterfront in Collingwood and everyday walking in the malls in Barrie can be less irritating or painful on the feet.