Custom knee braces are orthopedic braces used to alleviate knee pain. Custom knee braces offload osteoarthritis, sports injuries, and meniscus tears pain. Patients with ligament tears and strains may also benefit from these custom braces.

Fabricated from a cast of the patient’s knee, the cast is then sent away to a lab where a custom brace is made based on concerns of the patient.

Please note: a prescription and biomechanical assessment is required for this device.

Most insurance plans cover the cost of the custom casted foot orthotic and custom knee brace with a prescription and a complete biomechanical assessment. Off the shelf “non- custom” foot orthotics and non-custom knee braces are not covered by insurance plans.


A non-custom knee brace is a corrective device based on a simple sizing method (small, medium, large, extra large). These types of devices usually take the form of sleeves which are pulled up to wrap around the knee. Some braces may have side metal bars to help support the sleeve.

A cast is not taken. The materials are selected based on assessment, patient history and patient concerns.

The materials are selected based on the assessment of the patient taking into account the history and patients concerns


Ankle bracing is used to treat sprains to the ankle joint, helping to stabilize the joint and reduce pain. By immobilizing the ankle, the soft tissue is allowed to heal. Ankle braces come in a variety of sizes and styles to treat a variety of concerns. Most ankle braces will fit comfortably into lace-up or Velcro footwear.