Weak Ankles

Weak ankles are mainly a result of loose ligament structures that allow the ankle to pronate excessively.

Common Causes of Weak Ankles

  • unsupportive footwear
  • deltoid ligament laxity, that is weak musculature
  • weight gain
  • aging
  • heel-ankle, midfoot, or forefoot mal-alignment
  • overuse where muscles have to work harder which results in increased reliance on ligaments

Common Symptoms of Weak Ankles

  • pain or inflammation along the Achilles tendon
  • ankle pain or inflammation
  • night cramps, aching, fatigued legs
  • joint pain and muscle fatigue in the knees and back due to poor alignment
  • heel pain or inflammation where the arch meet the heel
  • morning stiffness in the ankle
  • pain or inflammation along the shin bone

Treatment Options for Weak Ankles

Orthotics that are prescribed by a doctor. These orthotics should include a medial longitudinal arch support that reflects the patient’s foot type and flexibility; a cupped heel to control heel eversion; extra wedging that can be placed under the medial side of the heel or forefoot to fix mal-alignment.

Types of Footwear for Weak Ankles

Stable footwear that includes orthopaedic (foot orthotics) and therapeutic shoes.
The orthotics should be built with a wide sole base that provides medial and lateral support which can be used in sandals, boots, athletic shoes, and walking shoes.