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Are you suffering from ligament tears and strains, arthritis, or other knee issues? You could benefit from a custom knee brace. Contact us now to schedule your knee brace fitting!

A Custom Brace May Provide Support & Relief!

Are You Struggling with Knee Issues?

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Most insurance plans cover the cost of a custom knee braces, as well as the complete biomechanical assessment. Contact us today to schedule your assessment!

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Here are a few things to know about custom knee braces:

We fabricate these braces from the cast of a patient’s knee. We then send it away to a lab where the custom brace is made.

Custom-made knee braces are extremely effective at combatting knee pain.

When creating your brace, we will take into account your condition and concerns, adding extra support where you feel the most pain.

Knee Braces
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“Dean is professional and very knowledgeable in his field. His product is excellent quality, and he is very skilled in what he does. After a year plus of painful feet, legs and knees, he took the time to assess the issue. He then worked closely with me to ensure I had the right orthotics. Such a relief to be pain free!”

–Lois, Google review

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