Would You Benefit From Wearing Compression Hose?

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Many of us wear socks with our shoes daily as we go about our regular routine. Regular socks are meant to help protect our feet and offer moisture-wicking solutions, so our feet stay dry and comfortable throughout the day. What regular socks don’t necessarily do is offer the added support that might be needed to make your feet and legs more comfortable and promote blood flow.

Would You Benefit From Wearing Compression Hose?

That’s where compression hose, or compression stockings, can come into play. Compression hose are beneficial for a variety of reasons and can make a big difference in the health, safety, and comfort of the wearer. So, who benefits from wearing compression hose?

  • Athletes – Compression hose can be ideal for athletes who want to boost blood flow and circulation during exercise, as well as speed up post-workout recovery time.
  • Pregnant Women – Pregnant women prone to swelling in their feet and ankles may utilize compression hose to prevent swelling.
  • Frequent Flyers – If you spend a lot of time flying in an airplane, compression hose can be helpful for reducing the chance of blood clots and deep vein thrombosis by improving circulation while in the air.
  • Wheelchair Users – People who spend all day sitting or are confined to a wheelchair can also benefit from compression hose to improve circulation and reduce swelling in the legs.
  • All-Day Standing/Walking – Anyone who spends all day standing or walking at work may find that wearing compression hose reduce fatigue, pain, and swelling throughout the day.

Wearing compression hose has numerous advantages in addition to helping with blood circulation and reduction in swelling. For example, compression hose can help reduce pain related to varicose veins, improve lymphatic drainage, and help with low blood pressure symptoms when going from a seated to a standing position.

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