How to Maintain Your Health with Diabetic Feet

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While you may be aware that having diabetes can cause other health issues, you may not know much about the symptom known as diabetic feet. To know if you have this condition, read on for the signs of diabetic feet and learn what to do next to maintain your health.

How to Maintain Your Health with Diabetic Feet

The term “diabetic feet” refers to the way diabetes tends to damage the blood vessels in the feet. This then causes nerve damage—which brings about a feeling of numbness. While this might not sound so bad on the surface, being unable to feel your limbs means you might not know if they’re cut, damaged, or injured. For example, if you were to step on a sharp object, you could puncture your skin, allowing bacteria to get into your blood and tissues.

Typically, pain would signal that you need medical attention. Without that signal, you might not notice your injury for a while, and infection could set in. That absence of pain and repeated injuries you don’t recall happening are the biggest signs to watch out for.

To avoid this unfortunate situation, we recommend the following:

If you have diabetic feet, or know someone who does, we can help. Give us a call anytime to schedule an appointment with one of our licensed practitioners who can lead you in the right direction.