Promote Proper Body Alignment With Custom Foot Orthotics

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Foot pain can be a serious hindrance in everyday life. Regardless of job or lifestyle, most people spend a significant amount of time on their feet during the course of the day, and experiencing pain is more than a nuisance, as it can seriously affect one’s quality of life. Taking care of your feet and joints allows you to remain more mobile and hopefully relatively pain-free for as long as possible. Foot orthotics can improve your quality of life by improving gait and addressing structural issues.

Promote Proper Body Alignment With Custom Foot Orthotics

Foot pain occurs for a variety of reasons, and foot orthotics are designed to help mitigate these causes with cushioning and proper support. Collapsed or high arches, toe and heel issues, or other structural abnormalities can all lead to foot pain that can be addressed by proper orthotics. In fact, foot orthotics not only help reduce foot pain, but they can also help with back, ankle, and knee pain as these areas are all affected by the feet and their contribution to the overall alignment of the body.

Everyone can benefit from foot orthotics, regardless of age and activity level, from the casual golfer to the serious athlete. So, don’t let foot or related pain keep you from the activity you love. At York Foot Orthotics and Bracing, we specialize in custom, in-house-made foot orthotics that are specific to your needs and personal anatomy. Our certified orthotist will take precise measurements or castings of your feet to fabricate foot orthotics that will fit like a proverbial glove.

Our goal is to alleviate your pain and increase your mobility and quality of life. If you are in the Collingwood, Ontario area and are letting foot pain get you down, reach out to us. Our custom foot orthotics will be a great solution for you and can help with referred pain and pain caused by the misalignments from your feet up. Give us a call today to discuss options and see how we can help you live a better life.