The Right Way to Wear Compression Hose

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If you have been told that you can benefit from wearing compression hose, your first question might be whether there is a right and wrong way to wear them. Many might say there isn’t since you just put them on like you would any piece of clothing. The reality is that every clothing item you put on has to be a certain way. Do you think if you put your shirt or pants on backwards or inside out that they’d feel the same? There are actually some do’s and don’ts when it comes to wearing compression hose that you should know before you proceed.

The Right Way to Wear Compression Hose

The first thing to know is that you do not put compression hose on the same way you would socks, panty hose, or tights. If you scrunch them up or roll them when putting them on or taking them off, you run the risk of affecting your circulation or causing sores on your foot, ankle, or leg. Another tip is that, for the most part, you should not wear compression hose at night. There really isn’t any need since a horizontal position already contributes to regular blood flow.

Caring for your compression hose is another thing you need to know about. The best way to clean your compression hose is to wash them by hand and gently squeeze out the water rather than wring them out. You should also avoid harsh detergents and bleach as these can damage your compression hose. You should also avoid using lotions or oils as these can be damaging. If you have dry skin, consider putting lotion on your legs as you retire at night so that it will have soaked in completely before you put the compression hose back on in the morning.

The last bit of advice about your compression hose is to not alter them in any way. If you are finding an issue with them, discuss it with your medical professional to see if there is another style that would better suit you.

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