What Causes Shin Pain & How to Prevent It?

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Have you ever felt tenderness or pain along the front part of your lower leg? Do you find that this occurs often, and you want to be able to prevent ongoing discomfort?

What Causes Shin Pain & How to Prevent It?

Shin pain, sometimes called a shin splint, is usually a result of overuse or a change in routine that causes undue stress on the front part of the lower leg. Many people are affected by shin pain, including athletes, dancers, and military personnel, to name a few. While shin pain can often be treated with the RICE method (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation), sometimes it’s important to see a professional about the cause and treatment.

If you are finding that your shin pain is persistent and regular rest and at-home treatments don’t provide relief, seeing an orthopedist can be a great option to help find solutions. Not only can an orthopedist address any foot-related causes for shin pain, but they can also offer custom orthotics and bracing to help alleviate pain during various activities.

It’s important to treat persistent shin pain rather than ignoring the problem until it gets worse. By waiting too long to address lower leg pain, you may be leaving yourself vulnerable to more severe injuries and mobility problems. Your orthopedist will work with you to develop the best treatment option and make sure you can still maintain your regular activities with greater ease of movement and comfort.

Shin pain doesn’t have to be a permanent problem! Give us a call at York Foot Orthotics and Bracing today to learn more about our services and discuss your concerns. We look forward to working with you!